Be child like

“A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him.”

⁃ Pablo Neruda

My children reminded me how to be. How to move naturally yesterday. To be child like and just enjoy the present.

For weeks, actually months my older 2 daughters have been nagging and nagging to come along for a run with me. I submitted and agreed they could come. In fact I’ve given them two days they can run with me. Full on runs for them but nice active rest runs for me. When I normally run I think too much. How my stride is, what my body position is doing, checking my pace. It isn’t normally until 3-4 miles in that I find a steady relaxed pace and some what quieten down my inner dialogue. Only then do I begin to enjoy it.

We set off at a comfortable pace for us all. Not once did I think about what I was doing. I was checking on my daughters, making sure it wasn’t too tough on them. Encouraging them when they found it tough. Living and laughing together. Hearing them saying they are proud of themselves, learning to push through when it’s tough. To know and feel achievement.

Something I haven’t done on a run since I don’t know when.

I run as a necessity not a want or something I like to do. Now I’m counting down the days to our next run together.

Now I’m paying attention to playing. To been child like. What’s the point of been fit for life if you don’t play and enjoy it.

Now If i could just sit in a seated squat like my 2 year old.


live like jay. Be like Goggins.


That day again. 

“A house without books is like a room without windows.”
– Heinrich Mann

World book day.

I’m always amazed when teachers say you can really tell you read to your children and sad knowing that some children are not been read to on a regular basis if at all.

One of my daughters this year has said she would like to go as Mrs Armitage on wheels a character from a Quentin Blake book.

I got a txt from my wife asking to bring home a box from work so she could turn it into a bike.

She’s done a brilliant job.

Keeping a very excitable 5 year old from running around the house holding it has been the hardest part.

It can sometimes seem a pain in the arse when you get the txt from school reminding you to bring your child in a costume. It also puts a lot of pressure on some parents but the kids do love it.

Mrs Armitage. 

The snow queen. 

I’m not sure if I agree that some Schools ask people not to allow their children to come has super heroes on world book day. I’m not sure if it’s always laziness of parents sending their children to school wearing a hulk mask or an Elsa dress or a lack of imagination. Sometimes it’s life getting in the way.

So don’t worry if you forgot its world book day and the old faithful Elsa dress has come out again try to enjoy world book day.

I know your kids will.

After all it’s only once a year.
Be like Goggins, Live like Jay. 

Go out, Go hug a tree

We are telling our kids that nature is in the past and it probably doesn’t count anymore, the future is in electronics, the boogeyman is in the woods, and playing outdoors is probably illicit and possibly illegal.

-Richard Louv

There is no better sound than the sound of children’s laughter. There is nothing better than seeing children playing in nature with muddy fingers and hand drawn muddy war paint.

We always make sure that we regularly get out in nature, be it a woodland walk or an afternoon sat by a lake. If it gets too long between getting out and about the girls always ask if we can go for a walk.

Then, then you know you are doing a good job and raising them right.

Recently we went for a woodland walk around the local reservoir it was cold, crisp and misty with intermittent down pours.

Exactly what we needed.

Last summer I introduced the girls to the game of camouflage.

If you are unfamiliar with camouflage I suggest you give it a go and play it. Adults and children alike love it. It isn’t too dissimilar to the game what time is it Mr wolf.  Simply choose an area of woodland or a field with long waist height grass. One person turns their back to the group counts to 30 out loud and Shouts camouflage and turns back around. At this point everyone should be camouflaged. If the person can see any person they must describe where they are and that person then stands up and is out. The person turns back around. Counts again and everyone must move forward, at no point can you move backwards. Continue until everyone is out or you are unable to see the last few.

Try it.

It’s a Brilliant simple game and it’s amazing how many people can disappear in front of you. I once had a class of 36 children plus teachers disappear, their camouflage skills were that good.

We had to call an end to or game in the end as we were unable to find the girls.  Even with a bright pink flower puffa jacket.


Be like Goggins, Live like Jay.