I envy those with passion.

I wish I had purpose and a direction to sail my ship in.



10 years

The iPhone is 10 years old. In ten years we have become addicted to our little screens losing the art of small talk. Missing the world we live in. Unaware of our surroundings and those around us. Sat in the same room as people, totally disconnected from them.

The more we use technology and social media to be “connected” the more disconnected we become with the world.

Our world.

I am not worried. I am worried

I’m not worried about raising girls. Girls who will have to deal with harassment on a daily basis.

I’m worried about people raising boys.

People not raising boys right. Boys who one day will become men. Men that my girls might come across.

I’m worried people will continue to not challenge the behaviour of the men they live and work with.