A life well lived.

Do you think about dying? “Nothing I could do about it.” Like I said, there is a certain sagacity to anything uttered by someone who has been alive that long. There is also a simplicity and a finality to the answers. A younger person would pontificate, would chatter, would argue this way or that way. … Continue reading A life well lived.

Finding Me

"No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself." Last year I did the 3 Peak National Challenge with some colleagues. Britain's highest mountains in a 24 hour period. Unfortunately we couldn't complete it in 24 hours due to a road accident on the motorway. … Continue reading Finding Me

Is there anything better

The washer has been replaced. There is nothing better than your kids clothes been clean and no more visits to the launderette. I think we found out what was wrong with the old machine. Feeling fortunate. Andy.

When the abnormal becomes the normal

I was watching an episode of Duck Dynasty they were at a local swimming pool and had to sign a waiver. On it ok you ready this is a little gross. It said do not use the pool if you have had diarrhoea in the last two weeks. To Si's shock and amusement he said … Continue reading When the abnormal becomes the normal

All at once or nothing at all

Why is it everything seems to come at once. So. Our washer broke. shit. I fixed it, yay. It broke again. SHIT not my actual washing machine. For the last two weeks we have been doing all our washing at the local launderette anyone with a child let alone 3 children under the age of … Continue reading All at once or nothing at all