Stoicism saved my life and made me a better parent.

"The task of a philosopher: we should bring our will into harmony with whatever happens, so that nothing happens against our will and nothing that we wish for fails to happen. "

Epictetus, Discourses, 2.14.7

A cliche I know, for a while now I have been on a journey of self improvement of mind, body and spirit.
It as been my saving grace, along this journey I have found ( as enlightening as "found " sounds )


Stoicism has literally saved my life.

I am depressed in the same was as an alcoholic is a alcoholic. In the fact that once you are an alcoholic you always will be. Hopefully a sober one.

I've looked back to try and pinpoint when I became "depressed" to continue and use the analogy of a alcoholic I don't think they is one specific moment when I had my first drink and that was it.
It's been somewhat of a life long slow spiral which ultimately resulted in hitting rock bottom and almost taking my life.

I hate excuses and actively try not to make them for my circumstances or frustrations or for the reason that I am depressed.
Our actions knowingly or unknowingly ultimately lead us to the lives we live and are living. Many of us live in a system we can't change and for many years I thought against it. Blaming the way the world is set up as the reasons for my depression and frustration.

Stoicism as helped to change how I think and view the world. I would often stay awake debating in my head how I could help countries that I've never visited change their laws and the way they treat there citizens. Frustrated at the way people are forced to live in my own country the depriving situations people find themselves in. Angry and deeper into my depression, using the excuse of the way politicians act to justify how I acted.

The repetitive consistent daily practice of Stoicism along with regular exercise keeps me balanced more than any medication, like many things in life you can't change and become "better" until you are open and willing to. Thankfully I was willing to.

The one thing that Stoicism has given me is the tools and a different way of thinking to deal with life. Tools I either forgot, lost or never had before.

Tools that I try to pass on to my children.

I don't want my children to be depressed. I don't mean sad. I mean depressed like I am.
I want them to be strong, mentally strong with the tools to handle life and the shit, often continuous and relentless shit it can throw at you.

For a long time I saw parenting as a sprint race I wanted them to know me and all the skills needed for life, now !!!!
I didn't expect to be alive and was very aware of how quickly it could all end.
I now see parenting as a long tough ultra race. Months and months of preparation ready to steadily hit the path in front and keep going through the highs and lows along the way.

Toddlers lose their shit at the slightest thing.
Their socks feel funny, the kiwi fruit looks too hairy, their sister said they're a poo head. The list goes on and on.
I would try and force wisdom into them at these moments explaining that a hairy kiwi was normal, that this is how it had grown. That the amount of hair on the outside was irrelevant when all the tasty bit was inside of it. You can imagine how well that went.

I now try to lead by example, not losing my shit when I get cut up in traffic or when the cashier at the till is rude.
Little sayings and mantras are drip fed without there knowledge mantras they now repeat and changes in behaviour with each other and there frustrations as become visible to us.

Of course all of this is well and good until they lose there shit over their last crisp falling on the floor.

At which point I go and rock in a corner until the crying stops. Realising I know nothing and to just try to hang on to my own sanity and hopefully they will turn out right. If they don't I'll give them a few books and wish them luck.


Be like Goggins, Live like Jay


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