Seven days ago I dropped my wife and 3 children at my mother in laws for the week.

This week as been one of the longest and loneliest weeks i have ever endured.
Working away from home I don’t like but I would take that any day rather than returning home to a empty house.
When you work from home you work go to the hotel, eat and sleep. Repeat.

Returning to an empty house with all my children’s toys around and reminders of my wife but nobody there as been totally surreal.

Normally when I pull up after work I hear shouts of daddy is home and then we have our routines before the children go to bed. My wife and I will then eat catch up on the day and just sit together doing our own thing or watching a TV show together. I have missed her presence. I have missed the sound of my children playing, laughing, fighting and even crying.

I have never been so excited to see them all again.

Have a good weekend everybody.

I think I might actually enjoy the 3 hour drive back up north.

Then again …..


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