When the abnormal becomes the normal

I was watching an episode of Duck Dynasty


they were at a local swimming pool and had to sign a waiver. On it ok you ready this is a little gross. It said do not use the pool if you have had diarrhoea in the last two weeks.

To Si’s shock and amusement he said to everyone, has anyone ever been two weeks without having diarrhoea !!!!!

Well have you !!!! ?

This may seem like a odd question.

Up until a few months ago I would of answered NO.

It was abnormal but I had been living with chronic stomach upset, IBS whatever you want to call it for years.
Long enough for it to become normal behaviour.
I believe I’m not the same in living with this.

It got to the point that it began to affect my day to day living. Crippling me on a daily basis.

Stumbling across a podcast by Ben Coomber in my attempt’s to find a cure I began to eliminate foods from my diet.
For a long time I thought it was diary, possibly lactose intolerance. But after several months it become clear it was wheat.

Especially white flour.

It’s just shite that my body can’t digest, within 20 minutes of it touching my lips my gut just flares up and explodes.

Going back to yesterday’s post this is something I have taken my eye off and no doubt is one of the reasons why the pounds have gone back on.

Avoiding wheat for the last few days already I feel less bloated and considerably more comfortable in my body.

By default when I was careful and made sure wheat did not enter my body I was pretty much eating low carb high fat. I try not to describe my diet as LCHF as people tend to think oh you are just avoiding carbs. But no I’m not.
It’s just that in eating no processed foods or any foods, sauces, soups etc containing wheat my diet is lower in carbohydrates than the “norm”

if you read labels you will be amazed what wheat is in. It’s in almost everything that comes in a jar or packet it’s cheap and is used to fill out ingredients. 

So as I try to blog more and share my life please don’t be too put off with the nutritional blogs or links I share.

Think about yourselves.
Is any of your normal behaviour actually abnormal ?
Have you become accustomed to pain that is now the norm ?

Believe me.

Abnormal is not normal.



Please share your thoughts.

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