All at once or nothing at all

Why is it everything seems to come at once.

Our washer broke. shit.

I fixed it, yay.

It broke again. SHIT


not my actual washing machine.

For the last two weeks we have been doing all our washing at the local launderette anyone with a child let alone 3 children under the age of 4 will know how important a washing machine is. It’s been a royal pain in the arse. Thankfully we will have saved up enough to get a new one next week.

We hate debt and now debt free we do not have credit cards or a overdraft and there is no savings left.
Since we moved and i had to take a low pay job, that or go on the dole.
We have pretty much been living hand to mouth, week by week so when something out of the blue like the washing machine blows up it becomes something major to put right.

However not a major, major problem like not having a car…


The bloody thing is on its last legs. The mot and tax is due at the end of this month.

In 2 weeks !!!!

It will not pass it’s mot I dread to think how much it will cost to get it through it.
It’s done.

I can not afford to have it repaired. Especially when it will probably break down in 4 months time. It’s old and it’s done.

It needs replacing and more importantly it as to be replaced as in august we will have a new arrival and need a 6 seater as a minimum.

If it doesn’t get replaced I fear we will just end up looking like this !!!!



Why does everything seem to come at once or not at all.



2 thoughts on “All at once or nothing at all

  1. I hear ya… Our washing machine was not draining properly. Thanks to You Tube, I was able to find a video that showed me what the problem was: a clogged filter. Now the water heater is not working, but it seems to be beyond my capacity (If I have any skills at all, I am not a handy person). So I called American Home shield (I recommend them) to call a contract company and fix it. I am waiting for them to call me, with an estimated time of arrival, so I have to be at home all day waiting (which I cannot realistically do because I have to run errands too). It is a standard fee of about $75 per repair, but there is of course a monthly fee , just like an insurance. If I can manage to fix it, I try to. But, yes things sometimes tend to happen at once. You know what they say, shit happens….

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    1. I am in the UK.

      Same thing happened to me. With the help of YouTube I fixed it the first time and now the drum won’t move by hand fear it’s the belt. Had a quotation to fix it but no guarantee on the work.


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