3 Months of nothing

Yesterday I asked the wife to be brutally honest with me when I asked her if I had put on a load of weight recently.

She said “No”

She was lying. Of course she was, I know I have put weight on I feel it, I’m not sleeping as well as I used to I can’t move as I once could and i can’t play with the kids as long and as I would like to.

For the past 3 months i have done nothing but think about getting back into shape and it turns out no matter how much you think yourself fitter it doesn’t happen.

I’m always telling the girls the importance of eating real food and staying active and want them to get into sports. I don’t want them to be teenage girls who are not used to exercising or even worse ashamed to exercise in public.

But I’ve become a hypocrite, do as I say not as I do.

That has to and must change.

I used to be very fit and toned. I used to love been outdoors in all weather.
Now I am wobbly and unfit and if it’s raining or cold I ain’t going out.

I know what needs to be done and I know how to go about it and what to do, it’s just doing it.
I have a huge mental block stopping me from doing it. Family life, a shit paying job and 60 hour weeks, worrying about the arrival of our 4th child. 

Excuses, excuses, excuses

The truth.

The thought of attempting to run up that hill, do 10 push ups, try 10 pull ups, do a 100 kettle bell swings all of which I used to be able to do with ease is going to show me how far backwards I have gone, how weak I have become.
I really do not want to face that truth.
I don’t want to be fit or train for aesthetic reasons
( I’m extremely funny, intelligent and attractive already. Hahahhaha )

I wish to have and keep a good Base level of fitness.
I believe everyone should be ready and able to run 10k, able to do 50 push ups, a 100 squats and 20 pull ups as a minimum but the thought of getting back to that level is so daunting.

In the words of ironmac

I just need to get it fucking done.

Wish me luck.



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