Doing the right thing. Even when nobody is watching.

We moved from the West Midlands  to West Yorkshire 6 months ago. The opportunity of a house came up before a job was fully secured, so I took the first job offer I could. I currently work for an alarm company. Installing and servicing monitored alarms. They are a small firm and i guess seem to have a reputation.

Not only is the pay low and the hours long but the company’s morals are way off mine. They hire and use sales men who tend to use a lot of bully boy tactics. Their main customers are the elderly and vulnerable.

So I had a job to fit a new system, when I arrived a very quiet lady of 83 opened the door. Looking a little upset. I asked what was wrong and she told me she was told by the salesman that she had to have the new system but didn’t really want it and couldn’t afford the 3 grand she had already paid.

So I talked her out of it.
I explained she didn’t have to have it, the system she had was fine. The new system had cctv to use with smartphones. She didn’t even have a phone or computer. 

So we sat had a coffee and a nice chat whilst i wrote bullet points for her so she could write a letter to get her money back.

I get paid hourly and lost 3 hours work. But sometimes you have to do what is right. Sometimes the little things that stick it to the man make the good worth while days.

You know what,there is no point to this post. It’s just something small that I did that made me feel good.

Even when nobody is watching and unless someone reads this post nobody will know.


That is the example I always want to set for my children.

Always do the right thing.


Please share your thoughts.

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