Our first family trip to Blackpool.

So Blackpool is what it is.
I don’t think it as changed since I was a young boy, amazed at the lights and the wind whipping around my ankles trying to blow me over.

Willow ( 4 ) went on a school trip to Blackpool to see the Sea life centre and the RNLB station as part of a school project a few weeks ago.
Norah ( 3 ) was a little upset that she wasn’t able to go.

Every year as a lad we would go to Blackpool for the day or even the weekend to see the lights. It would always be wet it would always be blowing a gale.
It was also always fun.

So yesterday we went to see the lights. Fortunately it wasn’t raining it was however blowing a gale and it was most definitely fun.

It was amazing seeing Blackpool through the girls eyes. As an adult you see the tack and crap been trying to sold to you everywhere you go. Not to mention the unique microcosm of ill health. Man there was some sites to see

The girls though didn’t see any of this, they saw flashing lights amazing toys and thrilling rides and more candy floss on sale than they had ever imagined could of been made.

We had ice creams on the beach and rode the donkeys and played the 2p machines, sadly the lights didn’t come on until 7ish and trying to drag the afternoon out until that time became too much for everyone.

We managed to see the big main boards down fleet wood way and then quickly took a left off the strip and headed home to the sound of three tired girls snoring.













Blackpool we will be back.

We didn’t go for our weekly walk this weekend, to be honest wandering around Blackpool was tiring enough and the weather today as been pretty poor, so we spent the afternoon drawing out favourite lights that we saw and the rides we enjoyed the most.

We got on to talking about the sea which of course led to pirates.
So we made some pirate maps. Ageing them with tea bags and daddy burning the edges.
For a first attempt they didn’t turn out too bad.

What do you think.




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