Put it away !!! It’s rude.

Are you abnormal normal or normal abnormal.

Every now and then we slip in to the bad habit of been on our phones, on social media when the kids are about and our attention should be with them.

We try not to use our phone, tablet etc… When the kids are about.

Do you do this too ?

I don’t want our children to think it is normal to be consistently checking on statuses and updating tweets all the time.
Because it is not normal behaviour.

I do not have Facebook I can not do with the hassle it brings, the open statuses and sly digs and prying questions from people you haven’t seen or spoken to in 15 years.

I was on twitter but I deleted that account, again way too much shit and negativity.

I have a twitter account linked to this blog so it appears somewhere.

I am however often on Instagram. Follow me lol.

Seriously, follow me.

Recently when we were at the local park my sister stopped off on the way out for something to eat.

The first thing my nephew tried to do was get his ipad out, his !!!

That’s right at a park, 5 years old and wanting to play on his Ipad. My sister said no that’s for later, i.e when they were at the place for a meal.

We were out for dinner at TGI’s when we looked across at a table. 2 parents with 2 kids a boy and a girl. The mum and dad heads down on their phones, no doubt telling the world they are out having an amazing and wonderful time with their children, the boy on a play station thingy and the girl head phones on face glued to a tiny screen.

Yes I know it could of been important txts blah blah but they didn’t look up for an hour or acknowledge the waiter once. Rude.

Meal times should be that social place to interact and talk about the world, politics, hopes, dreams and fears.

We have only just got a dinning room with a proper dinning room table. Where we lived before was a two up two down, the girls had there own little table to eat at but we haven’t been able to sit altogether in a home.
Until now.

I love it, it’s my favourite room.
Sitting discussing been amazed at what these little minds know and think. Even when the meal has finished we will still be sat there talking.
This is and should be normal behaviour.

One of the worst thing as a child is to feel different from other children. The problem though is when the abnormal becomes the normal and the normal becomes the abnormal.

Children are teased for been skinny/fit/athletic and healthy !!
because the abnormal, obese, who eat chemically created factory food is becoming the norm.

At this young age it can be difficult to explain why you won’t let them do something’s, “Fred as sweets and coke why can’t i.” “I want to sit and play the iPad like them. ”
You have to be as sharp as a politician in trying to explain why you believe others behaviour is bad, without them going off and saying my dad says you shouldn’t do that.

When did the normal activity of eating out and conversation turn into this?

We live in a i world.
i this i that, there is very little we or us, we are departed from the world we share and the environments we live in whilst been told we are more connected than ever before.

I hope my children continue to be the normal abnormal and not the abnormal normal and I hope we never stop talking around the dinner table.

If you are reading this whilst your kids are in the room. Put it away. I don’t mind. Don’t be rude.



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