20 KG


In the past five months we have moved and I have got a new job, sadly we didn’t move for the job or to get a better job.

We moved for a better life. The house came available before a job was secured, so I took what I could.

I have gone from a job that involved standing and moving for 9 hours to a job that involves me driving 90% of the time up to 14 hours a day ( sadly for less pay )

My back aches I feel lethargic most of the time and sometimes struggle with the temptation of petrol station food, mmmmm pasties.

That bad boy 20kg kettle bell used to be swung quite often with some ease.

Friday I turned 36.

Saturday I struggled to move a tumble dryer on my own.

This morning I nearly pulled my back moving the damn kettle bell out of the way, which as become a giant door stop gathering dust.

I am working twice as many hours to make a little less than I used to and feel knackerd from doing very little physically, so I need to kick myself up the arse.

My nutrition is good, I don’t take money to work so when I am tempted to fill myself up at the petrol station I can’t.
I just now need to fit in a quick workout when I get up, not use getting in from work late as an excuse to not be able to workout.

I’m 36 and i want to be here at 76 playing with my grandkids.

That bad boy is getting swung every which way but loose.




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