Raising girls.

The world is sexist,

not until you raise girls do you realise how sexist it is.

It is a mans world.

As the father to 3 very young girls I am amazed at the questions of doubt that I am asked on a weekly basis ” I can’t play with that, that’s for boys” “only boys can do that” ” you have to be a boy to do that”

Where does this come from ?
not us I hope.
We don’t allow entertainment magazines in the home that make woman feel less of themselves, we challenge stereotypes portrayed on the TV in the media and on the radio. We reassure them that they can do anything a man can do, but still they doubt it.

Why, go to a shop aimed at children. It will be separated into colour pink for the girls blue for the boys. Watch sports on TV unless there is a huge international event such as the Olympics. It will be all male sport.
Listen to the language used in the media it will be male dominated.

Encourage your girls to be fit, to be strong and to play outdoors.
Do not let them think this world is only for boys and that they have to conform to a male society.

It is a mans world, but raise your girls to know, the world is not owned by men.



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